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Comments and Thank You’s:
Lucas Kirby – Following a donation of £800 to complete fundraising efforts for a specialist wheelchair, his mum wrote to say the following:

"I received the cheque in the post on Saturday morning and was totally overwhelmed. Must admit that I did cry quite a lot. Not sure whether you were aware, but Lucas and I have had particularly horrendous couple of weeks. Been in hospital twice, first time Lucas taken in as he was having non-stop seizures (we stopped counting at 300!).

We were in for just over a week. Then were home for only a day and he became extremely poorly with upper respiratory infection, breathing was quite laboured by the time I managed to get him to the ward. He had just about gone in 'shut down' mode. As you can imagine - petrified. However, once again my little soldier has pulled it out of the bag and shown such strength, god knows where he gets it from. So now we're home again.

Obviously, past couple of weeks have been draining emotionally and physically so to open the post on Saturday and see the cheque for £800 has completely lifted my spirits again. I now have enough money to buy the buggy (finally) and have contacted his occupational therapist who has put the wheels in motion and we should have it in the next couple of weeks (fingers-crossed).

I cannot thank you enough for all that you and your husband have done to help Lucas get his buggy. I would appreciate it if you could pass copy of this email on to your husband/Atkinson Bolton with undying thanks and gratitude for their generosity. Without the grant of £800 we would never have been able to get Lucas the buggy which will now enable me to take him out and about safely.

As soon as I am able I will pop into the College and see everyone (yourself included!). I will also be taking photos of Lucas in his new 'wheels' and will be sending them to ABC Charitable Trust for their records and so that they can see how happy they have made myself and my son.

Thanks again so very much. Warmest regards. Tracie & Lucas Kirby."

Starlight Wishes – "On behalf of everyone at Starlight, I would like to thank you for this splendid gift. We are extremely grateful for such valuable assistance. Your much appreciated and very generous contribution and support will help Starlight to distract seriously ill children from their pain, fear and feelings of isolation and for that I cannot thank the Trustees enough.

Pat Moore-Searson, Fund Director."

'How to Donate'

If you would like to support us in our Objectives by making a donation please send a cheque, payable to 'ABC Charitable Trust (East Anglia)' for the attention of Claire at our address.

Alternatively, if you would like to donate online please click on the below link.

Payroll Giving

  • Donations are deducted from your gross salary, giving immediate tax relief of up to £4 for every £10 donated. This means that employees paying standard rate income tax at 22% can give a donation of £10 to charity at a cost of £7.80 to themselves.

  • If your employer decides to set up payroll giving and register with a Payroll Giving Agency before 2006 - then the first £10 donated by each employee every month will be matched £ for £ by the Home Office for a period of 6 months. For example, for the first 6 months that the Home Office is matching your payments you can pledge £10 a month, only miss £7.80 from your pay and the charity of your choice will actually receive £20.

How it works…….

  • Your employer will need to set up the Payroll Giving scheme through a Payroll Giving Agency. Most agencies will charge a 4% admin charge – if you decide to use South West Charitable Giving and mention our Charitable Trust they will only charge you 3%.

  • If, for example you pledge £10, the Agency will deduct 4% from this amount, so the amount going to charity will be £9.60 plus another £10 = £19.60 (for the first 6 months the Home Office will match your donation.) However, your employer may choose to pay the 4% admin fee on top of the pledges paid.

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