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Burwell Library – a donation of £202.90 to purchase a wide range of educational and fun books for the Children’s section.

Ruth, a single mother with a limited income – a donation of £290 towards a GSCE course so that she can pursue a future career in nursing.

Scope - a donation of £500 towards the minibus appeal for disabled children at Shakers Lane, Bury St Edmunds.

Burwell Carnival – to place an advert for the ABC Charitable Trust in the programme @ £30.

Hillside Special School – a donation of £500 towards building a hydrotherapy pool for children with learning difficulties at Hillside Special School, Sudbury.

Jacob Moorhouse – Jacob has quadriplegic cerebral palsy along with other medical conditions. The Trust are going to donate £1028.13, in order to purchase a bicycle trailer for Jacob.

Ellis - a donation of £287.75 in order to pay for 5 weeks rent, so that he can keep the flat, in Newmarket (that he shared with his now deceased mother) so that he has somewhere to live, when he comes back from university, in the holidays. The alternative was that he would have to leave university.

Lucas Kirby – Lucas has Lissencephaly, a rare genetic brain disorder which causes severe mental and physical disabilities. A donation of £800 completed fundraising efforts for a specialist wheelchair for Lucas, allowing him and his mum to leave the house safely for the first time since he was a baby.

Starlight Wishes - £300 donation to Starlight Children’s Foundation for Distraction Boxes. These are boxes full of games, toys and finger puppets used to distract children whilst they undergo painful medical procedures.

Concert Programme – to place an advert for the ABC Charitable Trust in the programme for a concert by the West Suffolk Youth Orchestra at £120.

Registered Charity No: 1111937